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The Wherry

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Supporting all students and staff at The Wherry School

Individual learning towards an independent life

The Wherry School opened in September 2017.  It is a new Special School for autistic children and young people aged 4-19 years.  It is incredibly important for these children, who may be capable of extraordinary things though who’s autism means that the mainstream education system cannot support their learning and welfare.

This year the school has opened its doors to 48 learners, aged 6 – 12 years.  Over the next three years it will expand to take up to 100 full time learners, who will come from across Norfolk, however most learners will live in the Norwich or greater Norwich areas.

There will be Primary, Secondary and Further Education Departments, with a staff to learner ratio of 1:2 delivering the support required for the complex needs of the learners.

The Wherry School brings together the key areas of education, health, care and family support to ensure the best possible outcomes for all its learner.  The school has four key elements to ensure the highest quality provision is offered to each learner, enabling

successful and positive learning outcomes:


•Holistic Pathway

•Identification and assessment

•Family support

The Wherry is a much-needed school, not only for children in Norwich but across Norfolk.  It is a facility that parents have been desperate for and are therefore incredibly grateful to the charitable trust that has done so much to reach this point.

However, because the school is brand new there is a massive amount that still needs to be done. 

There are designated areas for a sensory and occupational therapy room, breakout rooms and an independence education provision that at the moment are without equipment, whilst the library has very few books and the playground is a blank canvas without even a bench to sit on.

The Wherry Friends Association has been set up to do all they can to support the school and all its learners by raising essential funds.  We need all the help that we can get to support this hugely important opportunity for the autistic children of Norfolk.


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The Wherry School

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