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The Wherry

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Supporting all students and staff at The Wherry School

The Committee

I am Lottie, and Chair of the Friends. I have two boys.  My eldest is Charlie and is at The Wherry.  He has autism among other things.  When I am not being a mum, I am a trustee of SENsational Families and of The Wherry Friends.  I feel passionate about supporting families who have a child with autism.  The Wherry is an amazingly special place; not only providing a place where young people can access education but also helping support the whole family.  Running The Friends allows me to help give a little back. 

Hi, I am Sarah and I am vise Chair of the Friends.  First and foremost I am mum to two fabulous children, Harry and Freya. Harry is at the Wherry and for once school doesn’t seem quite so traumatic.

I also work as a Marketing Manager for Ponders Travel and love the diversity that working in travel provides. I have also exhibited at the National Autism Show showcasing autism friendly cruising.  To me being a part of this team of amazing parents and staff who all seem to have the same aspirations to create an environment where our children can learn in a way that suits them is a real privilege. I’d like to think in our own way we can all make a difference.

I love a challenge, so I recently ran 27.2 miles along the North Norfolk coast line to raise money for the Wherry School and am already thinking about what’s next

Hello everyone,


I`m Paul and the treasuer of the Wherry Friends.  Our youngest son is at The Wherry School.  I am very much looking forward to helping the school, staff, other parents and most importantly the children get all the resources they need now and for the future.


I am sarah, Secretary of the Wherry Friends.  I volunteered to help Barry Payne with secretarial assistance a couple of years ago when I learnt of the plans to build the paradise for autistic children that was the Wherry School and have done various bits and pieces for him and attended all the Wherry Board meetings and site surveys etc.  I have an 11 year old autistic son who I hoped would be coming to the Wherry but it turned out that Parkside was a better fit for him and he is now there and thriving. I have been helping Rachel Quick and Alex Gotte in the office and now I am working as a part time TA.  I am an autism parent through and through and also one of the founder members of SENsational Families with Lottie

I'm Anna, and run 50-50 club for the Wherry Friends.  I have three children, Thomas 12, Sam 9 and Evie 6. Sam has autism and is lucky enough to now attend the Wherry School, I'm looking forward to being on the committee as I want to help our lovely new school.

Hello, im Kate. My son,William, has just joined the Wherry, in year seven. Ive joined the comittee, to support the wonderful work the wherry are doing with our wonderful asc children

Hi I am Nicki.  I have two boys, Ollie and Alexander.  Ollie is at The Wherry.  I work for the Benjamin Foundation as a PSA and in 2015 I founded SENsational Families due to the massive lack of support out there for families.

I am Vicki.  I have 2 children, both of whom have autism and additional needs.  My son attends the Wherry School, and I can already see the positive impact the school is having on his life.  Until he attending here, he was socially isolated, and as a family so were we.  No he is slowly building his confidence, and starting to form a friendship group.  He now has the opportunity to mould his life in a way that allows him to express himself with no constraints, to manage his feelings, and to have a bright future.

I am Jason.  I am a father to two children - a boy and a girl.  Both have autism, alongside other special educational needs.  My son attends the Wherry School.  Before he came here, I was really worried about his future.  He was very isolated, and felt like he did not 'fit in' anywhere.  Now he feels he is a part of something special, and is so proud to be part of The Wherry Family, as are we as a family.   I am so grateful that Saul finally has the opportunity to flourish and prepare for life in such a supportive environment.

I'm Leesha and I'm lucky enough to be a stay at home Mum to three boys. My son is currently in year 7 at the Wherry school. Within mainstream school many people were unable to see beyond his autism and his struggles were routinely misunderstood and patronised. However we have been lucky enough to have had some some excellent help and support along the way and I know what a difference that has made for him. That is why we are so lucky to have the Wherry, where ASD kids feel they have worth and potential and are valued.

I'm Lorraine, I'm a part time paramedic and a full time mum to my 10 year old son Tom. Tom was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3 and ever since that diagnosis it has been one long battle to get him the help that he has needed, that is until he secured a place at the Wherry School and suddenly a huge weight has been lifted from me! Tom now loves going to school and I have seen a huge improvement in him already! I am so grateful he has been given this opportunity and would really love the chance to give something back to the school.

Hi my name is Vicky and I’m a mum and full time carer to 4 children. Prior to this I was working as a Social Worker and specialised in working with children.

My oldest daughter Grace is in Year 8 at the Wherry School and I want to give all the support I can to help the Wherry School and Friends Association.   

Hi I am kim, I have four girls one of whom is at the wherry school.

I have years of experience with special needs.

I am a level 3 1-1 teaching assistant for a child in another school.

I joined the friends committee because I would like to be able to help give something back.

I am also the co founder of Parents and Carers of girls with ASD in Norfolk.

Hi, we are Debbie & Greg and are parents to two boys Alex who is 8 and Max who is 6. Alex is in year 4 at The Wherry School and we are pleased that he can finally get the chance to show people what he is made of. We look forward to working with other parents and the school to help continue its progress.

Hi I’m Clare, I have 3 children, Finley aged 11 and Alfie aged 9 and a step daughter aged 22.