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The Wherry

Friends Association

Supporting all students and staff at The Wherry School

Current Campaigns

Fill the Library!!

Do you have any good quality books that you no longer need and think would be perfect for a school library?

It costs over £50,000 on average to fill a school library with books and so we are looking for help to fill it.  The library needs a range of books as The Wherry will have learners aged between 4 – 19 within the next three years.

If you can help – please get in touch.

Outside and

The Sensory Room

The Wherry Friends Association have two main areas, apart from the library that we are concentrating on. 

Firstly, the playground is a blank canvas, without even a bench to sit on.  There is much that can be done to improve this space for all pupils at school. 

We want to provide not only playground equipment, but also want to ensure there are places for the children to sit and relax and places to escape and hide away for a bit of quiet time. 

The other massive task is the sensory room.  We have a room but no equipment.  This could easily cost in excess of £55,000.

Just a few things on our wish list!